Dear Parents and Skaters,

Welcome to our Fall 2013 skating session. This session runs Saturdays October 5 through November 23, 2013. Please make sure to check yourself in at the front desk each week when you first arrive at the rink. Also, remember to be respectful of each other while skating. There will be no pushing, racing, or playing tag allowed on the ice. Skaters doing a program have the right of way on the ice and others should try their best to give them enough room. Skaters doing their program should also be considerate of others and only go through their program a limited number of times.
All skaters must adhere to whatever any instructor request as they will have every skater’s best interest in mind.

No candy, gum, food, drink, headphones, or hockey sticks are allowed on the ice. Failure to cooperate with each other or to follow the rules may result in the removal from the ice and/or loss of ice privileges.

Thank you!

To register pick up a form at the arena office or pro shop, or click on the link below

Registration Form